Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4.5 months update

PJ and Reas,
4.5 months and counting. You are getting so big. At the last weigh in PJ (in blue) was 13.2lbs and Reas (in yellow) was 14.6lbs. You are smiling all the time now (encouragement that you already think Mom and Dad are hilarious). As a gift to me for Mother's Day you started sleeping through the night. We are constantly amazed at all that you are able to do. PJ, you love to lay under the activity mat and reach for all the things dangling above your head. Reas, you are content to watch your brother push those things around. You both are starting to be more vocal which is good and bad.

You spent your first Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Reas' house and had a great time. They got each of you a book that they read and recorded and you love them. You always pay attention when those books are out. You also loved the Peeps grandma got for you... or someone did.

Grandma and Grandpa Meneley came to visit you for a week and you were so good for them - this really helped because they were running out of things to brag about for you :).

You are also very into each other. You will sit in your Bumbos and have a staring contest or hold hands on the activity mat. It is so fun to see your brotherly love begin to take hold.
We love you both so much and look forward to a great summer with you!
Love, Mom & Dad
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