Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Dodge

Dear Dodge,
I drive one of your vehicles, a Stratus to be exact , and ... I don't love it. However after driving 120+ miles a day for five years, catching it on fire, putting it in a ditch during an ice storm, getting rearended and recently rearending someone my Stratus is still running. It will not die and make way for the nice new car just waiting for me out there somewhere. So ... I think this Stratus and I will be friends for a little while longer.

I swear, it wasn't my fault

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Fun - July and August 2011

Okay okay... I know everyone says that it goes so fast but seriously, it goes so fast. Reas and PJ are over 7.5 months old and continue to be so fun. Here are some highlights from the past few months:
Giggling. Their giggles are infectious. In the July photos on Picasa there is a great video of Uncle Bill making Reas laugh.
Crawling. Only backwards and in circles, no forward movement just yet.
Interacting with each other and finding each other to be hilarious

They love bath time and love to splash each other
Rolling over and propping themselves up so they can see outside their crib. It's so cute even when they are supposed to be sleeping
Eating solids - sometimes. They really like bread

The boys are also social butterflies. We are so blessed that when we take the boys out they just hang out and behave. Its so fun to be able to have dinner out and not worry about them making a scene. Let's just hope they stay this way.

Enjoy the photos from July and August.