Monday, April 11, 2011


Eleven years ago I met nine of the most amazing women. Little did I know during the summer of 2000 when we were training in Indianapolis and NOT parking cars on our lawn that these women would continue to play a huge role in my life for years to come. In the 11 years since our stint as Collegiate Leadership Consultants we have religiously gotten together at least two times a year. We've shared many joys and some sorrows together and through it all we've shared a lot of laughter and love. The blessing I feel to be a part of this wonderful group has no words. We spent this last weekend together in Indianapolis with some of our children and I already can't wait for our next gathering.

When people ask me why I believe so strongly in the sorority experience this is the example I use. We did not go to college together so we didn't share four years of fun in a sorority house. We had one month of living together, a year of shared experiences and now we'll have a lifetime of friendship. That is the power of the sorority experience.

Here are the photos from our weekend.

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  1. Well said!! Love you, friend. Thanks for hosting us all at your beautiful home.