Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 months update

To my boys,

You are two months old already. As everyone tells us, it is flying by and you amaze us every day with your facial expressions and bodily functions (we are still surprised that something so foul can come out of something so cute). We think Reas is weighing in around 11 pounds and PJ around 10 but we go to the doctor next week for the official weigh in.

Reas - you are a typical first born. You want what you want when you want it. You are the bigger baby but more than that you are so long you don't fit into a lot of your clothes already.

PJ - you are our patient baby, likely because you always had to go second in the hospital. You are so sweet and you are already getting your brothers hand me downs :)

You are both really mellow and we couldn't ask for easier babies so thanks for taking it easy on us - for now at least! Both of you make amazing facial expressions and when the smiles appear you would have thought mom and dad just won the lottery but I think my favorite faces are the ones where you stick your bottom lip out at us in a pout.

You are rolling over already (yikes) and starting to follow things with your eyes which leads us to constantly attempt to get you to "see" us.

You have stolen our hearts and our lives are already so blessed because of you.

Mom and Dad

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